Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Review: Pantene total damage care (pro-v core activ formula)

So.. I have this really "choosy" attitude when it comes to skin and hair products..

Well, it all started when I decided and said to myself..."I want to become a hair/shampoo model someday"heheheh (despite of  the"thinning hair issues" that I have)...

I had this thought since the day when my mom and I noticed the unique & naturally straight hair that God has given to me... and my mom would always remind me to take care of my hair and avoid doing stuff to my hair especially when not needed...

"me! as "whitelady of Balete Drive" for our Halloween party"

~Thanks to the constant reminders of my mom, and somehow thanks to my "thinning hair issues" they gave me this mindset of being careful with hair products....

I recently had the opportunity to receive and try a PANTENE's TOTAL DAMAGE CARE set 
that consists of a shampoo, a conditioner and a "3-minute miracle" conditioner tube... 
all thanks to BELLE DE JOUR! (www.ilovebdj.com)

I tried the shampoo + the "3-minute miracle" conditioner...
and I must say that it is indeed a recommendable product!

~thinking that the "3-minute miracle" was just an advertisement statement...or was just like all the other commercially available conditioners that I could remember and tried..... I WAS WRONG! (promise! no joke! and not exaggerating and all...) 

It was really surprisingly effective and there was literally a "3-minute miracle" feel to my hair. (well not exactly in 3 minutes I guess)- but my hair really had this immediate feeling of softness and smoothness during shower time, while I was slightly finger-combing my hair to ease out the tangles and all, so I wont be combing my hair that much after shower..(thin hair issues)

Kinda hard to explain, so I took pictures of the result and I hope these pictures can somehow help me explain what i'm trying to say..
hooraay! for the results (after shower) hehehe
hope you can see the strong and shiny effect in this pic
 (as compared to the first "whitelady" pic) ;)
After trying the products, I said to myself that some things are hard to believe, unless you TRY IT for YOURSELF.. hehehe (so with my experience, I am personally recommending you guys to try products from the total damage care set of Pantene-(especially the "3-minute miracle" conditioner atleast) and see if you would also get the same amazing results just as I had..:)

thanks for your time in reading this review<3
and this product is surely available in any leading supermarkets.

p.s. thanks #pantenephilippines and #bdjbuzz for this fun experience, hope I can get to try the hairfall control set too soon :>


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